Know thy self

As our world evolves around us both personally & professionally we have no choice but to evolve as we learn & embrace our strengths and weaknesses.  

We'd love to be able to offer a rich online shopping, but it's just not our strength.  We've decided to only offer gift cards electronically & we encourage you to give in to your impulses to buy what you see when you're in the shop.  We carry unique items that are usually not available on other online outlets & we may or may not have them in stock when you come back (later the same day OR even on your next visit).  

During the COVID-19 pandemic we learned that online retail is a great way to increase our sales & y'all love shopping with us when you're home which is great!  Unfortunately, it's also SUPER time intensive, expensive to ship items, and we just can't keep our inventory updated online as quickly as it sells in the store.  

We hope you understand & look forward to seeing y'all next time you're visiting Estes Park!!